VAT is a government tax that must be charged by Ochre (it is currently 20%). It is not discretionary and Ochre must comply with the law at all times.  We apologize in advance for the complex nature of this issue, it is not of Ochre’s making.

Currently, this website adds UK VAT to all orders that are due to be delivered within UK. 

O C H R E can zero rate VAT if certain criteria is met, this criteria can be found below. 

If you have been charged VAT and don't believe this to be correct, or you are a VAT registered business in the EU please contact the O C H R E showroom.  O C H R E will refund VAT paid (if you paid on the website) should all criteria be met for a zero rated supply.  Alternatively, if you selected payment by Bank transfer as a payment method, we will issue a final VAT invoice with the correct VAT treatment for you to arrange payment. 

Customer collections: If you have selected this option as a delivery method and the goods are leaving the UK, O C H R E will require proof of export in order to Zero Rate the VAT on your order. The O C H R E showroom will be in touch if your order meets this criteria with a list of required documentation. If you are unable to supply this documentation O C H R E will need to charge you UK VAT at 20%.



If the goods you are ordering are to be sent and used outside of the UK; VAT maybe zero rated (not charged on the Ochre invoice). This section details the options available to you to enable Ochre to zero rate the VAT. It is assumed in all instances that the goods will be sent and used outside of the UK.

Further details relating to the law can be found here:

Ochre offers the below options for zero rating VAT on your order. Ochre recommend option 1 at all times. Please contact the showroom if you are unsure. 

Direct export from the UK to a Non UK address:

1. Ochre exports the products directly, to a location of your choice, outside of the EU. Ochre will add cost of transport to your order. No VAT charged on invoice.

2. Your own carrier, managed by yourself, collects the goods from Ochre's UK warehouse and a refundable deposit* equal to 20% of the total value of the order is paid before collection. The deposit* will be refunded, only if evidence of export from the UK, in the form of commercial shipping documentation, is provided to Ochre within 3 months of collection. Ochre will supply the criteria for this if selected.

Please indicate which option you would prefer to the showroom and Ochre, if applicable, will send you the necessary guidance and documentation required to proceed.

If you need any further assistance, please contact the showroom: +44 (0) 207 096 7372.

*The deposit condition may be withdrawn, for repeat orders, if you have consistently provided the necessary documents in the past.

** If you have a company registration and VAT number for the EU country of consolidation please contact the Ochre showroom as a different VAT treatment could be possible.